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Социум подобен цирку: клоуны кривляются, зрители получают удовольствие. Но я с детства ненавижу цирк.



What is love? Love has no limits and no rules. We try to dominate love, we try to understand and measure it. We wanna make it work for us, the way we decided it should be working and when it dosnt fallow our rules and dosnt mach our expectations we just get more confused about what love is.
Love is a cosmic power, we have no power over it, it can stop as sudden as it stared.
You cant time love u cant defined it, its bigger than what we can understand we just see the spark but have no understanding about where the fire is coming from. We try to put time limits on something that has no limits known to humans. Surrender to the moments of true love, feel it, celebrate it, don’t over think it don’t underestimate it, just be part of it. Love have no rules u need to fallow, no obligations and no expectations. Cherish the moments when u feel love coz this moments are endless, internal, they will stay with u for ever. When it burns trough you let it burn, don’t be afraid and don’t try to control the fire it will only burn your hands.
We try to make love to abbey to the rules of society, marriage, to the laws of humans, till death do us part, this why we know pain and disappointment from it. Love dosnt have to last a life time, it dosnt have to stop with death. Love that burns only for a few hours is as strong and important as love lasting a lifetime. Love can be born within seconds and be finished within days. Love can happened between two stranger who were given this present and have only few minutes to feel the bliss.
Love is everywhere around us. You can feel anytime. You just need to surrender ur self to it. If u not in pain love your life, look around u, love the person who just passed u and gave u a smile, love the stranger who made u feel better, love the earth u live on, love humans as much as u love the smell of a fresh coffee in the morning or the smell of ur favorite meal, dont be scared to love. Some of us show love freely to animals, objects, moment but so scared to love humans, to show them love. If u love a guy you just met u cant say it out laud even if u feel it, as if u have to be ashamed. Why should you be a shamed to love? We made a tabu from love, made it so scary and complicated, if u love someone it must mean everything. Means you would like to stay with him forever. Why cant it just mean you love him. So simple, just to love someone, we made it so difficult so impossible. Love is freedom not restriction, love is happiness, lightness, love is a laughter, we make it pain because we made rules for it it will never fallow. Love is childish, passionate love is not the responsible adult we want it to be. Love is a psychopath, its out of control and it was never under control. If we except and respect this facts we will be able to feel and enjoy love on a new level.

Oh sun who shines so high in heaven and watching people from above,
Please tell and show me how to do it, how can I fall in love?
I am scared about it, don’t except it, afraid about every part!
The man, the love and how to make it, and what if I will fall to hard?
Afraid to lose him after falling, I wont be able then to live…

But life is all about moving, we lose the loved one any how
And love is magic, quick and shiny u have to feel it here and now
Dont think about misty future, don’t be afraid to make mistake
The days will pass before you”ll know it so try to pass it with some taste